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HEP VS / PH VS - Valais Teacher Training College.

HEP is a Teacher Training College and tertiary level cantonal institution in Valais, located in Brigue and St. Maurice. The general mission of the college is to provide seamless initial and continual professional training of teaching candidates for nurseries, primary and first degree and second degree secondary schools.

It thus contributes to the personality development of its users, while ensuring a level of requirements that allows for cantonal and inter-cantonal recognition of the teaching skills it provides (acknowledgement from the Conference of Directors of Public Education in Switzerland of 29 June 2004).

The HEP Teacher Training College encompasses three sectors: the basic education sector, continuous learning and postgraduate education and the research and development sector. These sectors are complementary and interrelated.

Therefore, professors, researches, students and professionals alike are invited to meet there regularly in a dynamic environment that is conducive to reflection and study.