NETmanage develops and tailors your Web and multimedia projects.



Website creation is a crucial step towards ensuring that your site is your online sales agent. A well-designed website is a portal towards sales and hard-earned and loyal contacts.

Graphic design, architecture, browsing ergonomics, content; we will help you define these key points depending on your market, the image of your business and objectives through the creation of your company's website.



An intranet/internet platform allows you to make various and miscellaneous documents or web applications easily available to employees. This allows you to have centralised access to all or part of the business.

In addition, an intranet system can create a very attractive groupware function that can also facilitate collaborative work.

Here are some of the functions that we can develop for you:

  • Provision of company information
  • Provision of technical documents
  • A special documentation search engine
  • A management system
  • Data exchange between employees
  • Employee directory
  • Project management, decision support, calendar


Our graphic team creates all your graphic designs: company brochures, flyers, posters, 3-page commercial flyers, business cards, flap-over folders, advertising, product catalogues, logo creation, etc.


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