This 2-4 day course (or 4-8 evenings or half days) will allow you to acquire a solid base in order to manage, create and edit tables in Excel

Thanks to the Excel formulation, you will learn to use the most common spreadsheet software in the world.

Layout, cell management, creating tables, formulae, headers and footers, complex formulae, managing tables, revisions, filters and selecting; all the key topics will be covered during the course.

Our certified Microsoft trainers will guide you through the different chapters and will provide you with practical exercises that are tailored to the demands of the labour market.



  • Introduction to Excel training
  • New GUI, ribbons, zoom, tabs, Quick Access toolbar
  • Cell management
  • Editing spreadsheets and workbooks
  • Preparation for printing spreadsheets
  • Creating tables
  • Operations and formulae
  • Conditional formatting and management
  • Complex formulae
  • Layout and optimisation for printing
  • Macro
  • Software options and settings
  • Personalisation
  • Creating graphics and personalisation
  • Subtotals
  • Filter and sort
  • Pivot tables
  • Pivot charts

Other information

Duration To be agreed
Language French
Price HT Dès CHF 75.-
Personal training and coaching Price on demand

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