This 2 day course (or 4 nights/half days) allows you to acquire a solid base for using Outlook messaging software

Our certified Microsoft trainers will guide you through the various chapters, helping you acquire the knowledge you need to manage emails, use contacts and update your calendar.



  • Programme, emails, calendar notebook, notes, diary and language
  • Category management, monitoring, setting sensitivity level, marking items as read or unread, displaying the properties of a message
  • Show or hide fields in the list, by changing the reading order
  • Search/Filter
  • Printing management
  • Email, RTF, HTML, Plain Text Formats
  • Setting up an email, CC, BCC, DE, sending an email, returning to an email, reading receipt and attachments.
  • Managing signatures
  • Creating content
  • Inserting graphics and links
  • Managing your inbox, cleaning, emptying and checking the size of your inbox.
  • Creating, editing, deleting, managing rules
  • Managing junk email
  • Managing contacts
  • Creating and handling contacts
  • Managing your calendar
  • Edit a default business card, transfer a contact, update a contact in your address book.
  • Managing appointments, planning a regular appointment, managing meetings, inviting participants
  • Using the calendar window. Defining the presentation, changing the colour, hiding or showing calendars, creating a group calendar
  • Task management, integration and delegation
  • Notes: creating, deleting and editing notes


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Duration To be agreed
Language French
Price HT Dès CHF 75.-
Personal training and coaching Price on demand

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