This 3-day training course will help you acquire the following skills:

  • Installing, configuring, carrying out version upgrades and using the Microsoft roll-out toolkit



  • Windows Server 2008: Improving setup and requirements
  • Installing a 2008 Core Windows Server
  • Implementing a mass license key strategy, using MKS and MAK
  • Configuring a 2008 Core Windows Server
  • Basic configuration of a Core server
  • Configuring the roles of a Core server
  • Automated installation of Windows Server 2008
  • Automated installation of Windows Server 2008
  • Automated installation of an RODC (Read-Only Domain Controller), deployment of an RODC
  • Using the deployment service (Windows Deployment Service)
  • Windows Deployment Service
  • Working with the WIM format
  • Microsoft Deployment Kit
  • Introduction to Microsoft Deployment Kit
  • Using the Microsoft Deployment Kit
  • Updating and migrating the Active Directory
  • Updating overview of Windows Server 2008
  • Updating the Windows Server 2003 domain controller to Windows Server 2008
  • Upgrading steps for the Active Directory
  • Updating the file, printing, web and remote servers
  • Updating the file and printing servers
  • Updating the web and application servers
  • Updating the remote infrastructure servers
  • Migrating to Microsoft Virtual Machines
  • Microsoft Server Virtualisation
  • Migrating to virtual machines
  • Configuring the Windows Server 2008 performance
  • Hardware-related considerations
  • Workload-related considerations

Other information

Duration 3 jours
Language French
Price HT Dès CHF 80.-
Personal training and coaching Price on demand

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