Designing deployment of Mailbox servers in Exchange Server 2010.

Designing deployment of CAS servers.

Designing deployment of Hub and Edge transport servers.

Deploying a secure messaging environment.

Deploying messaging strategies and MRM compliance rules.

Planning deployment of a high availability solution and emergency recovery.

Developing a monitoring and troubleshooting plan.

Implementing an upgrade from Exchange 2003 or 2007 to Exchange Server 2010.

Integrating Exchange Server 2010 with other messaging systems.



  • Introduction to Exchange Server 2010 deployment.
  • Designing the integration of the exchange server in existing infrastructure.
  • Planning and deploying mailbox services.
  • Planning and deploying client access services in Exchange Server 2010.
  • Planning and deploying the transport of messages in Exchange Server 2010.
  • Planning and deploying message security.
  • Planning and deploying compliance strategies.
  • Planning and deploying high availability.
  • Planning a disaster recovery solution.
  • Planning of monitoring and troubleshooting of Exchange Server 2010.
  • Transition to Exchange Server 2010.
  • Integration of Exchange Server 2010 with other messaging systems.

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